Peas Please (Family Bites)


  • Welcome! I'm Jan, a Canadian food writer & party planner with a specialty in celebrations for kids. I'm the Food Editor for SavvyMom Media & a contributor to several other family-focused publications. I live in Toronto with my husband and our two tween sons.

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Cheryl Arkison

Just reading this post made my tummy a little upset. I am definitely on the loathe side of peas. But that doesn't stop me from serving them to my family. If my girls ate soup I would probably try this for them and Hubby (all voracious pea eaters).

Jan Scott

Cheryl, I feel exactly the same way about tomatoes!

Ellen Zames

This sounds delicious and it's so easy. I absolutely LOVE pea soup and I always have frozen peas on hand. Can't wait to try it.


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