Quirky Food Habits (Family Bites)


  • Welcome! I'm Jan, a Canadian food writer & party planner with a specialty in celebrations for kids. I'm the Food Editor for SavvyMom Media & a contributor to several other family-focused publications. I live in Toronto with my husband and our two tween sons.

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loved reading this, most of them I knew, some were a surprise :)...Mom xo


How nice that your mom reads your blog! I'm trying to think of my quirky food habits.

1) When I butter my toast, I want it buttered all the way to the edges of the bread, evenly. I'd rather not eat it if the bread is only buttered in the middle. The crusts need all the help they can get. Ditto for the jelly or jam.

2) I always menu plan for three items: main dish and 2 sides (usually veg and fruit).

3) I honestly think soup tastes better when eaten with a round soup spoon. Significantly better.

4) I find it deeply repulsive to watch someone smash a large stack of saltine crackers over a bowl of soup and stir it up until it is soup mush before eating it. I almost refused to marry my husband over this issue. Our compromise was that he could do it for canned soup,but never homemade (such an insult to the cook). I have not purchased a can of soup in the 20 years we've been married.

5. Can't get enough tomatoes!

6. Drinking red wine gives me hot flashes. This was true even when I was in my 20s. Cooking with it doesn't bother me at all.

7. I love beets, cooked any way, but especially roasted. When I want something to eat that doesn't require any prep, I drain a can of beets, add a dollop of prepared horseradish from a jar, and eat. Weirdly satisfying.

Fun question.


Love your blog!

My quirky food habits:
1. Hate onions in my hamburger.
2. Dont like anchovies, just the name makes me sick, the same goes for any kind or raw fish or shellfish.
3. Totally love and adore chocolate in any form, being always my prefer form of dessert.
4. I will eat less of the main dish to always make space for dessert.
5. Going to the cinema means popcorn and coke, cant have popcorn with any other drink :(
6. The egg yolk in my fried egg has to be undone, so i can dip my bread in it.
7. I love sweet & sour combinations like: fried banana & lentils, nutella & cheese sticks, chocolate & crisp.

I think that is all i can think at the moment...weird i know!!

Chrissy L

I can totally relate to your aversion to what I call the devil fruit. My husband thinks I'm crazy due to how much I loathe tomatoes. I can't even do a chunky tomato sauce and I don't care for ketchup. Probably my strangest food quirk is when I eat things, I like for them to be divided by similar qualities (color, size, etc) and then I must even out the number of each group before I can continue eating. For example, if I'm eating Peanut M&Ms (YUM), I divide them into piles by color and count them. I start eating the color with the most in the pile until it equals the smallest pile and then move on to the next largest pile until all piles have the same number of M&Ms that the smallest pile had. Then I eat one from each pile in rainbow order. Yes, I'm nuts. ;)


I unfortunately, was born to be a picky eater. Out of seven children I was the only one who had to have a special formula as an infant. I could probably fill a book on the things I can't/won't eat. I too, don't like tomatoes, except in a pasta sauce and I'll pick out any chunks. Love spaghetti and lasagna but that's about all the pasta I eat. Don't eat mushrooms (texture), can't eat any seafood, pretty sure I'm allergic but never been tested. It makes me gag. I love hard cheeses but don't like them sliced thick and prefer all my meat to be sliced on the thin side. I don't like peppers, chili or otherwise. Most restaurant servings portions are too large for me (especially when we visit the States. I don't like the taste of liquor but I do enjoy liqueurs. I love most nuts, especially pecans and pistachios and as for M&M's...they don't stand a chance with me but they are most often always in my house.

P.S. Avoided Caesar Salad until my 40's because of the garlic. It is now one of my favourite salads and I love recipes that call for lots of garlic :)


I love to drink hot chocolate but I don't like eating chocolate. Is that quirky?

I am the opposite about burgers. Keep the pickles away and give me extra tomatoes please.

Oh, and I love making cakes but I don't eat as much. The cakes taste great but I just have too much self control. I think I need to make new friends so I can give my creations away.


I am sure most of us have something quirky when it comes to choosing food. ;)

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