The Unofficial Downton Abbey Cookbook (A Giveaway) (Family Bites)


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Mama B

Oh my yes, I watch. And I adore Mary & Matthew. I also love, love, love Anna & Mr. Bates as well as the developing character of Daisy.


I've just started to watch and am really enjoying it! Still a bit early for me to have a favourite storyline! Thanks!

Karin cuconato

I love the series and am so looking forward to season three. My favorite story line is John Bates/Anne Smith however it was hard to pick just one because the story lines are all so interesting. I would love to see the cookbook and duplicate some recipes..

Karin cuconato

To add to my previous comment I like the series so much that I purchased both 1st and 2nd seasons.


I was partial to the Sybil and chauffeur storyline, and now that they're married and all, I really want to see Mary and Matthew tie the knot! But if they do then I suppose the central conflict will be resolved..

Alice @ Hip Foodie Mom

I don't watch the show but would love to try some of the recipes in this cookbook! :)


I missed Season One. I love the series and have more than one favorite story line but maybe I will go with Anna and John Bates. Of course, I want Matthew and Mary to marry.


LOVE the show! My Mum showed me Season 1 and I had to purchase Season 2 I was so enthralled. All the characters are superb but I do especially love the Matthew and Mary storyline. What 4 months for Season 3...that's cruel!!


Looks like a pretty Awesome cookbook and would love to win this.
Have to admit, no, don't watch the show and in fact, never even heard of it in our area. I really don't watch that much TV.
Thank you for this opportunity

barbara n

Unfortunately I did not watch the show but my daughter was obsessed with it so I would love to win this cookbook for her!


Ooh you've no idea I dvr-ed and devoured that show greedily
I'm a scot married to an American - expat for 15 years
As a student living in Edinburgh my sister and I used to love visiting grand old houses and reliving history maybe because our granny was a lady's maid who travelled with her mistress in the 1920s and spent 6 years in Ottawa Canada with her family
What a treat this would be to linger over whilst having tea :))))


Oh! How to pick! My two daughters and I are huge "Downton"fans, and we love all the storylines. We are enjoying watching Edith develop into a more likable woman,and thrill to the ups and downs of Mary and Matthew's dramatic attachment. But like most others commenting here,WE LOVE MR. BATES AND ANNA! So much. We were already big fans of Brendan Coyle from the wonderful and too short series "Lark Rise to Candleford." Can't wait for Season 3 of Downton!

Jessica Hackman

Matthew and Mary - so love those two - but will they be happy together?


I don't watch the show - but my parents do and absolutely love it. This would be a great gift for them! And if I don't win the giveaway, I'll definitely purchase it for them for Christmas.

Judy in CA

I am quite smitten with Downton Abbey, and my favorite parts are every moment Maggie Smith is in a scene!!! I would so adore this cookbook!!


I'm sorry I missed the contest, but I just read "The World of Downton Abbey" from the library. It has beautiful pictures from the show and has chapters about clothes, food and historical information. It is a must read for any Downton fan!


People commenting don't watch the show???? My favorite storyline - that's so tough. I loved the first season of Mary and Matthew. Actually the scene where they were flirting at the table is one of my all-time favorites. But I also love the head housemaid and the head footman's stories - how she went to the fair with a long lost love, how he used to be a stage performer. And let's not get started on Maggie smith. Anyway I look forward to following your blog- thanks for the family food ideas!!

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