Slow Cooker Chili Mac (Family Bites)


  • Welcome! I'm Jan, a Canadian food writer & party planner with a specialty in celebrations for kids. I'm the Food Editor for SavvyMom Media & a contributor to several other family-focused publications. I live in Toronto with my husband and our two tween sons.

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Now thats wonderful. Sounding flavorful spicy and delicious. :-D

Do also join my dinner party. I would love to have you there.

Krista Sanderson

It looks like there are beans in the photo but not the recipe! This will be great for my son who loves pasta but is shy of the look of chili. Thanks!

Jan Scott

Hi Krista - You are right! There are definitely beans in the recipe and I definitely forgot to include them. Ive fixed the recipe - thanks for catching my mistake. Jan


I really want to try this and thanks so much for trying out slow cooker recipes, such a great idea!
Not sure what you mean by the "back" of the crock pot. Do you mean the bottom? I have an older style that is taller rather than short and wide. Let me know what you think.

Jan Scott

Hi Leah! The back of the crock-pot is the part that conducts the most heat...on the short and wide appliances, its at the back. Does this make sense? I hope so! If not, let me know.


Thanks for your reply, I'll give it a try with my older crock pot and hope for the best. Have a great day and keep those great recipes coming.:)

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