The Smitten Kitchen Cookbook: A Giveaway (Family Bites)


  • Welcome! I'm Jan, a Canadian food writer & party planner with a specialty in celebrations for kids. I'm the Food Editor for SavvyMom Media & a contributor to several other family-focused publications. I live in Toronto with my husband and our two tween sons.

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Leah Leitch

Hello, the granola is making my mouth water -- wouldn't that be a lovely hostess gift? Also, my kids would flip if I made the smores layer cake. Thanks for the giveaway. :)


I think the S'mores layer cake. My husband does
the cooking, so the baking is mine!

Lisa Fontana

the beer braised ribs and parsnips sound AMAZING!! Would have loved to make those last night for Grey Cup.
BTW - love your blog!


Been on a cookie baking spree lately, so definitely the chocolate peanut butter cookies!


The s'mores layer cake, without a doubt!


The wild mushroom tart sounds mouth watering!


yes please.. and smores layer cake!!!


Love her blog and would also love to make whole-wheat raspberry ricotta scones


All of them! If I have to pick one, I would love to make the whole wheat raspberry scones...


Chocolate peanut butter cookies!


I would love to enjoy the beer-braised short ribs with parsnip purée! Sounds devine!

Hollie Palmer

Chocolate and PB, say no more! Hands down, it's the chocolate and Peanut Butter cookies!


Raspberry ricotta scones! I love Smitten Kitchen's blog and I'd lové to gavé her cookbook


I would love to make the wild mushroom tart...of course I would be the only one in my family to eat would be awesome!


The wild mushroom tart sounds delicious!


The chocolate peanut butter cookies for the cookie monsters in my house!

Shawna Y

As a mushroom lover it is a tie between the wild mushroom tart and mushroom bourguignon :)

Andrea Thompson

Mushroom tart! Yum!!


The Wild Mushroom Tart or the S'mores Layer Cake...they both sound yummy to me!

Kristen Wiwczaruk

Hey Jan!

What a great giveaway! My Dad and I have been looking for a great pizza dough recipe, so we want to try your frozen dough version- looks really simple. I am also excited to try more bread recipes, so your seed bread looks fabulous!


Broccoli slaw! I love slaws and cold side dishes that I can make ahead and pull out of the fridge at the last minute for dinner.

Jan Scott

Hey Kristen! Dont try the pizza dough recipe! I actually have a much, MUCH better one Im putting on the site next week. Thanks for reading!

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Looks like a great cookbook. I could sit for hours sitting and looking through a good cookbook.
Hubby is a Big fan of desserts so will go with the s'mores layer cake. Sounds wonderful.
Thank you for this opportunity


The chocolate peanut butter cookies. Sounds like a classic!


The wild mushroom tart sounds amazing!!!

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